2010-2011 Season

Austin Peay State University
Community Concert:
Amy Tate Williams, Pianist
Location: Music Hall,
Music Mass Communications Building
Date: October, 2011

Vanderbilty University
Concert Series Recital with
Jennifer McGuire, Pianist
Location: Blair School of Music
Date: March 13, 2011

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-"Soprano Melissa Shippen and tenor Matthew Garrett are the appealing and lyrical romantic leads, Marenka, the bride, and Jenik, the ostensible barterer. Shippen’s heroine is aptly feisty when crossed, but delighted to pull the wool over the eyes of silly Vasek (Jeremy Little). She has a strong enough instrument to carry off this spinto part, complete with dramatic, disillusioned aria, “How dark the day” (“Ten lásky sen”). The three soprano-tenor collaborations, Shippen’s early love duet and later angry, fiercely Slavic exchange with Garrett’s Jenik and the comic encounter with his half-brother and putative rival, Little’s Vasek, are among the performance’s highlights." ~ 2005, Bruce Michael-Gelbert